Travel To Singapore – Enjoying Great Selection of Food in Singapore

Singapore is a very diverse country that has a melting pot of various ethnic cultures. It is evidently seen throughout the country with distinct influences of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures. It is quite blessed to have such a diverse mixture of cultures as you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your dining selection. There is a great selection of different types of food in Singapore, in which they all provide an authentic taste to their individual ethnic backgrounds. Here is a great sample of “must try” foods from Malay, Chinese and Indian backgrounds in Singapore.

Chinese Food

Chinese food is seen everywhere in Singapore. It predominantly has strong influences from Southern Chinese style cuisine in which fresh vegetables, meats and seafood are used. In addition, in Singapore the Chinese food has a unique localized twist in which South East Asian ingredients are used, such as chili peppers. Must try foods from this group include Hainanese chicken rice, chow kuey teow (fried broad noodles), fried oyster omelets, and last but not least stir fried chili crabs.

Malay Food

Malay food in Singapore has a strong heritage that can be found from where the source originated from; in the neighboring country of Malaysia. Malay food in general is quite spicy and often very hearty where many of the foods are cooked in coconut milk. Definite must try items include nasi lemak (fragrance rice cooked with coconut milk and chili), beef redang (beef curry), mee rebus (noodle dish in thick peanut gravy), and satay (barbecue sticks of meat, such as chicken, beef and lamb, served with a hearty peanut gravy known as the satay sauce).

Indian Food

Indian food in Singapore can be found with both Southern and Northern Indian styles. Southern India style typically is spicier than Northern Indian style, and typically vegetarian options are in abundance with both types of Indian foods. Furthermore they also have a localized twist using various South East Asian ingredients. Must try Indian foods include roti prata (a flat type of pan fried pancake served with curry), chicken briyani (chicken curry rice served with fragrant rice), and fish head curry.

When traveling to Singapore, be sure to sample a little bit of cuisines from each of the above major ethnic backgrounds to get the most complete experience of Singapore. You will be definitely spoilt for choice by enjoying the great selection of food in Singapore.

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